Golden Gate Park Panhandle. Action! Photos

Action comes in all forms.  The hawk in flight, obviously, but I also saw movement, expansion, growth in the magnolias in bloom.  For me, plant and flower “action” has been much easier to capture!

Thankfully, I recently got a more DSLR-ish camera which allowed me to capture a hawk in flight – my first.  My old camera never would have come close.  I’ve also had some fun playing with all the new settings, one of which is “Star Filter”.   The Dazzling Magnolia is the result – rather cheesy, I know, but it made me laugh picturing the magnolia on a red carpet with bulbs flashing.


2 thoughts on “Golden Gate Park Panhandle. Action! Photos”

  1. Love the “action” of the bursting magnolia! Can imagine it in a time lapse sequence, complete with ripping sound effects.

  2. Thanks, Steve! Yes, it seemed to me almost like the flower was surging toward the source of light. Though, when you suggested the “ripping” sounds, I immediately pictured the Incredible Hulk – a very different feel than this magnolia! :-)

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